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Bard, Google's unpaid rival, has received an upgrade, and it's pretty amazing.

ChatGPT has a MASSIVE issue.

Bard, Google's unpaid rival, has received an upgrade.

5 amazing abilities that Bard possesses that ChatGPT lacks:

#1 Realtime internet access:

The great majority of ChatGPT users still lack access to the internet.

However, Bard offers free real-time internet connection.

You can use it to ask Bard questions regarding the most recent stock values, up and coming trends, current happenings, and a whole lot more.

#2 Summarize web pages:

You can ask Bard to sum up an article, research paper, or official document by placing a link in the chat box and requesting it to do so because Bard has internet access.

Additionally, you may use this functionality to ask about the linked article, page, or document with Bard.

"I would certainly view Bard itself right now as more of a tech demo and a demonstration rather than a true product or commercial device service," – Forrester analyst Rowan Curran.

#3 Input data using photographs.

Only text can be entered into ChatGPT.

However, Bard also provides you the option to activate pictures and do actions like:

Ask where the photo was shot and explain what's going on in it. Make captions on the picture to post on social media.

According to Google, this feature will be released in a few weeks.

#4 Explain code:

You can give Bard a Github link and ask it to explain what the code is supposed to perform because Bard has internet access.

#5 Export

Unlike ChatGPT, you can directly export the text created by your prompt into Gmail and Google Docs.

You'll soon be able to export your output into other apps, according to Google.

Thank you guys for reading.

All we care about is for you to stay ahead at this most important game of 2023.

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