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5 AI extensions to supercharge your productivity:

ChatGPT is all cool, but it's becoming old news.

And the next big thing in AI might just be AI Chrome Extensions.

We hand picked 5 current best

#1 Fireflies - Your AI powered intern in the browser:

• Record and transcribe meetings

• Summarise emails and documents

• Summarise Youtube videos, news articles, and more

#2 SciSpace Copilot - Makes everything simpler

The fastest way to explore, read and understand complex papers.

Highlight any text, number, or chart, and SciSpace Copilot will give you a simple explanation of what it means.

"As a Reseacher, I have to deal with large volumes of data every day. This extension has made my life so much easier by providing me with a quick and accurate way to summarize long documents. It's an essential tool in my workflow." – Owen Davis

#3 AIPRM for ChatGPT - Prompts Powerhouse

Get a curated list of powerful prompt templates for marketers, customer support, sales, and much more.

Used by over 1 million professionals at companies like Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft.

#4 ChatGPT Sidebar - Full ChatGPT experience in your browser

Get the power of ChatGPT and GPT-4 in your browser:

• Summarize webpages

• Get definitions and explanations

• Get translations and grammar checks

#5 GPT for Sheets and Docs - Google apps on Steroids

Plug GPT-4 right into your Google Sheets and Docs to:

• Edit and summarize spreadsheets

• Organize and format spreadsheets

• Generate new content like blogs and emails

Be sure to try at least one of those.

We started using them a couple of weeks ago, and now most of us can't imagine our work lives without them. It just gets rid of so much groundwork when we are doing any kinds of research.

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