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Free AI-Powered Business & Domain Name Generator

Free AI-Powered Business & Domain Name Generator

FREE AI-Powered business & domain name generator

Save time and generate unique business name
with available domain. Instantly.

Powered by GPT-4

3 easy steps

Takes less than 1 min

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Fill our short form
that will tell GPT-4 about your business

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Hit generate
and let AI do the work

for you

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Secure your chosen domain and you’re now in the business!

Tired of inventing new words and browsing available domains for your new business?


With so many domains taken, it is hard to come up with a business name that has one available to secure.



With the help of GPT-4, Namefinder can generate unique and catchy business names while also making sure that they are available in domain registers.

Simply follow three easy steps.


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How does it work?

Using AI, we generate unique names based on your given information.

Every generated name is at the same time being checked in the domain registers to see if it’s available.

We only show you the business names that have their domain available.

If you see something you like - easily purchase the domain and the business name it’s now yours.

If you’re not sure about the results you see, you can either completely regenerate the results, or click “like” on some of the names and then regenerate to get similar ones.

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